📢 Join Us on 27 September 2024 for the Paris Conference on GENDERING PLATFORMS: LAW, REGULATIONS AND ALTERNATIVES! đź“˘
We’re excited to announce the upcoming scientific conference, hosted at Campus Condorcet by Laboratory CEPN (UMR CNRS), University Sorbonne Paris Nord (USPN) and Laboratory MIL, University Paris East (UPEC)in Paris in collaboration with COST Action CA21118 P-WILL: Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab. 
Mark your calendars for an enlightening day of discussions and insights!

📧 Contact persons: Corinne Vercher Chaptal ( Claire Marzo (
Funded by #EuropeanUnion 
COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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The topic of gendering platforms, particularly in the context of platform work, is a burgeoning area of research. Platform work encompasses a variety of digital labour platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon Mechanical Turk,, and Upwork. These platforms facilitate work organized through digital interfaces, often mediated by contractual relationships that can vary in structure. While the dynamics of platform work have been extensively studied, the intersection of gender and platform work has not received sufficient attention. The gendered dimensions of platform can influence access to work opportunities, the nature of the work performed, the working conditions, and the overall experience of workers. Understanding these dimensions is crucial for developing fair and equitable labour practices and regulations.

The European COST P-WILL action is pivotal in addressing these gendered dimensions of platform work. The upcoming conference on gender and platform work serves as a crucial forum for:

  • Reinterpreting Laws and Regulations: Examining existing legal frameworks through a gender lens and proposing normative reinterpretations that address gender-specific challenges in platform work.
  • Exploring Alternatives: Identifying and discussing alternative models and best practices that can better support gender equity in the platform economy.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Bringing together stakeholders from various sectors to share insights, experiences, and strategies for creating more inclusive platform work environments.

This first P-WILL conference in Paris will be an opportunity to discover the French ecosystem of alternative platforms, with the participation of the Plateformes EnCommuns group of the association La Coop des Communs and the presence of representatives of French alternative initiatives.

COST P-WILL Paris Conference

25-27 September 2024

Campus Condorcet
Établissement public Campus Condorcet

8, cours des Humanités

93322 Aubervilliers CEDEX

A conference organised by
Laboratory CEPN (UMR CNRS) University Sorbonne Paris Nord

Laboratory MIL, University Paris East (UPEC)

with the participation of La Coop des Communs

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